The Brief:
Build excitement for upcoming WCVB-TV coverage of this world-class race with big local fanfare.

The Solve:

Break the TV cookie cutter promo using unexpected music for a sporting event (opera?), scrappy sound design (that's my breath and footsteps), and inspirational copy. Tease the event and tune-in, too. But mostly, drum up anticipation.
My Role:
Scripts | Clip selection | Voice Over Direction | Music Direction | Sound Design

Gold Medallion for Sports Campaign - Promax/BDA
Silver Medallion for ID campaign - Promax/BDA
(Spot 1) Whoever said it's all about the journey, not the finish, never ran the Boston Marathon.
(Spot 2) Your spirit soars...then, your body spends the rest of the time catching up.
(Spot 3) They say this hill is "heartbreaking." If you're lucky, only your feelings get hurt.

Boston Marathon Coverage - WCVB Station IDs

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