—1. Discover it – perception vs. reality
What are your internal brand perceptions, your customers point of view and your brand competitive set? What business challenge are you trying to overcome? In order to figure out what makes your brand different or your offering unique, it's important to understand the market landscape and positioning area where your brand wins.
2. Map it – touch points & customer journeys
Brand messaging can only make impact if it's delivered in an impactful way. That means identifying the right channels, timing and experiences to reach your target audiences. 
3. Define it – personas, positioning, attributes, imagery and voice
Having learned about your current and desired brand perception and audience experience with your brand, we articulate the recipe for your brand's success. We define the ideal audience mindset, the ways the brand can uniquely deliver on their needs, the qualities and creative approach of the brand that connect best.

—4. Color it– visuals and voice
Once a strategy is defined, that's when the fun really begins. We apply consumer facing imagery, language and creative expressions that deliver on a set of clear business objectives.

—5. Translate it– creative guidelines
Because your business can and will change over time, a brand guideline ensures consistency across all communications developed for your brand.

—6. Spread it– experiential tactics
With a tight strategy and strong conceptual ideas, campaigns can be developed around any ongoing needs to optimize campaigns, build new approaches for new audiences or new brand offerings or address other business opportunities in your market.

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